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Yes. We examine all items with an open mind regardless of who submits the item for analysis. If necessary, we may contact the other parties involved in the dispute to ensure we have all the information required to provide a fair decision.
Please send the garment and any relevant information regarding the fault, the age of the item, the cleaning history if known, and the process used to clean the item if applicable.  Downloadable forms are available on our “contact us” page.
A copy of the report should be provided to the party who has been found to be liable for the damages. DTC will answer any questions that arise from the report; questions should be submitted via e-mail or on paper to ensure that we can answer these in full.  DTC are not able to arbitrate your dispute and all correspondence should be made directly between the parties involved.
Yes, however, please advise us if you intend to do so to ensure that our report fully meets CP 35 rules. We can also utilise a court friendly format. Please note, DTC are not able to offer legal advice.
We advise that a technical report may take up to 15 working days. If for any reason this is not the case, we will inform you upon receipt of your item. For urgent cases please note we do offer an express service for an additional fee.

All test work is non-destructive, where possible. If for any reason DTC is required to perform any testing which might result in irreversible damage to your item, we will seek your permission prior to proceeding.

We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your report, however, unless further compelling evidence is brought to light, our conclusions will remain.

Your possessions are in safe hands when left in the care of the DTC. We use insured return carriage to ensure your item reaches you, we ask that you do the same when sending a garment to us. Please note, all items will be returned in the original packaging.

We will return your item through a trusted carrier with appropriate insurance. If preferred, we are happy to accept pre-paid returns label but DTC will accept no liability for items which are lost using this option.